El queen
We are all differently broken, rusted-out, love machines -Hank Green


For so long
I’ve been trying
to write a poem
that doesn’t deal
with the subject of love.

In an effort to put
my mind over my heart,
I decided to take
a new approach.

Whenever I wanted to say
I’d write it, scratch it out,
and replace it with



A poem from my first poetry book, Survival Songs.
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If We Move in Together


If we move in together, my heart is still yours,

but that doesn’t mean all my belongings have to be.

Privacy is the beetle’s husk, the moon’s rind, a tulip’s pollen,

my own skin. Our two halves of a home may touch and coalesce,

but when I need my space, let me have it,

stars, black holes,…